The Birth of Hazel

June 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I usually let the photos & videos tell the story, but I think to truly appreciate the emotional roller coaster of this birth, a little back story is necessary!

A planned birth center birth, 7th baby. A flip-flopper indeed, when baby landed head down, they decided to break water and get things started. The early morning began at Broadlawns, followed by a trip to the library and lunch at Smokey Row as they waited for things to pick up. After checking in back at the birth center, they headed home to rest. Upon meeting up later that evening, it was discovered that baby had flipped breech. They transferred to Broadlawns, expecting a likely cesarean birth. Then something amazing happened--a successful version was performed and Daddy held baby firmly in place until she was engaged. As we entered a new day, a swift and intense labor occurred, and a surprise Baby Girl was born right into Daddy's hands. Her siblings slept in the waiting room as Mom & Dad enjoyed their brand new baby girl--only the 2nd girl out of 7 children.

A one of a kind birth for a one of a kind family.



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